Tours of Podlasie

     I'm a licensed tour guide (Podlasie license number 1/2011r. issued by the Marshal's office in Bialystok) – also in English. Below are a few suggestions of some wonderful places which are calling cards of our magical region, to which I would gladly take you.

    Below is the map of Podlasie.

The Biebrza National Park – is the largest National Park in Poland – a wide natural valley with a strongly wondering Biebrza River, and the largest set of peat bogs called the Biebrza Marshes. Rare and threatened with extinction species of plants, birds and animals have survived here. Regardless of the season the Biebrza valley always has something exceptional to offer.

The Silvarium – a one of a kind in Poland forest garden in the Knyszyn Forest in the Forestry Superintendence Krynki in Poczopek. On a great clearing encompassing several hectares the forest rangers collected numerous species of plants and trees of the Knyszyn Forest. Here we can see a beautiful tree lined alley, Megalith Park, an herb garden and a Vertical Forest Sun Dial.

The folk handicrafts trail – a trail on which we have a once in a lifetime chance to learn about the rich and alive tradition of folk arts of Podlasie. This is a tour of workshops of some old craftsmen including smiths, potters, sculptors, spoon makers or two warp weavers. In these places anyone can learn to do something that is nearly not practiced anymore, see beautiful products or buy unique, valuable souvenirs.

The Tartar Trail – it is a number of places in Podlasie connected historically and architecturally with the culture of the Tartars and Islam. This trail includes mainly the Sokółka region. The trail leads through the picturesque Sokółka Hills, Knyszyn Forest and Nadświsłockie Hills. The main towns of the trail are Kruszyniany and Bohoniki. Here we can find numerous traces of the Tartar culture such as the mosque and the mizar (a Tartar cemetery) as well as be able to sample their traditional cuisine.

Grabarka – a calling card of the Orthodox faith in Poland – it is the most important religious place for Orthodox Christians in Poland. This holy place has been known for centuries, the Holy Mountain covered by a forest of crosses, with a spring whose waters are believed to have miraculous powers, appearing at its base.

”He who wishes to learn about the Orthodox culture should hurry to Grabarka (...) If you wish to be reborn, immerse yourself in the infinity of the spirit of Orthodoxy and feel the presence of God, the only way to achieve that is to place your personal cross among the crosses of Grabarka."

Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Warsaw and all of Poland – Archbishop Sawa

Tykocin – a town sprawling on the left bank of the Narew river – is the oldest and the most beautiful historic urban complex of Podlasie. Here we can find a Synagogue built in 1642 which was called "second only to the Krakow temple within the kingdom of Poland", or a castle reconstructed on the foundations of 16th century castle belonging to the King of Poland and the Great Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus. These unique places, along with many others, create a one of a kind atmosphere of the town. It's a must see!

Łomża – this beautiful Mazowian town on the banks of the Narew river has a lot to offer. It can be seen from the windows of the narrow rail train, taking us to the Parish Church – the St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral, the old center or the Amber Museum. Additionally it's worth visiting the outdoor Kurpie Museum or the Nature Museum in Drozdowo.

Camaldolese Monastery on lake Wigry – this is the only monastery in Poland located on an island. The monastic complex established in the 17th century by the Catholic order of contemplative Camaldolese monks, protected by a curtain defensive wall, which consists of a church, the house of the gatekeeper, the royal house, the papal house as well as hermitages – huts for hermits. The monastery of lake Wigry stands in a picturesque location on a peninsula which reaches far into the northern part of the lake.

Supraśl – There is only one city in all of Podlasie which is hidden in the center of Knyszyn Forest and which has over 500 years of tradition which, in gold letters, has written itself into the history of Poland, Belarus or Lithuania – and that city is Supraśl, a magical city sitting in a great forest clearing, full of historic monuments. Here we can admire the wonderful Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of the Holy Mother of God or the largest in Poland Museum of Icons presenting the sacral art of the Orthodox faith.

Białystok – the capital of Podlasie, full of attractions for the tourist. The most important and the most beautiful historic monuments include the Branicki Palace and Garden complex, the Town Hall, or the old Parish Church. Bialystok is a very attractive city containing numerous interesting sights. .

The Białowieża National Park – if you wish to see what a forest looked like a few hundred years you must visit the Bialowieża Forest – the last contiguous primeval forest complex in Europe.

Różanystok – The Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin in Różanystok – is a late baroque church dedicated to the Presentation of the Holy Mother of God famous for the miraculous painting of the Mother of God with Baby Jesus. Every June, for the anniversary of the crowning of the painting, several thousand young pilgrims from Białystok come here on foot. The monastery Drapieżnik, The Chapel of the Virgin Mary and a Dominican monastery are also worth seeing here.

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