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Dolistowo – a village in Podlasie on the Biebrza River directly neighboring the Biebrza National Park. The village once was a part of the Tykocin county and was partially inhabited by Osoczniks (a type of a forest ranger) whose responsibilities included guarding the king's forest from timber thieves, damages and taking care of game animals. These were the people who guarded the nearby Jaminy forest, part of the Nowodwory Forestry Service belonging to the king during the 16th and the 18th century.
At one time the village was part of Mazowia right on the border with the pagan Lithuania. Historians claim that in 1392 the Teutonic Knights built in Dolistowo a castle named Metenburg. It guarded the ford on the river and held in control an important communication water trail on the confluence of the Biebrza, Netta and Brzozówka rivers. In 1398 the castle was burned down by the Great Duke of Lithuania Vytautas. In the parish church of St. Lawrence, on the high altar there is the Passion of the Christ, a sculpture which is famous for being full of divine grace. It is a baroque sculpture and legend has it that it was fished out of the river.  
Dolistowo – is a village attractive to tourists which is follows a 4 kilometer long stretch of the meandering river. A trip on the dirt road from Dolistowo to Dębowo, which runs directly along the shore of the river, will be a great opportunity to admire the beauty of the Biebrza valley up close. In the spring the road is usually under water which makes for beautiful views. This short span of road presents a wonderful chance to see some animals and birds. A bit further, in Dębowo, the Biebrza falls into the Augustów Canal.
Also in Dolistowo there is an old St. Lawrence church, a school, a post office, three stores and a modern beach with nearby restaurants.
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